Tommy Tiernan: Under the Influence (4 stars)

This article is from 2017

Tommy Tiernan: Under the Influence

Another impassioned yet contemplative hour from the Irish master

Why would Tommy Tiernan spend an entire month at the Edinburgh Fringe given that this is usually the act of someone desperately looking for a big break? Well, having teenage kids off school throughout August made that decision a no-brainer. Mischievousness floods through Tiernan's veins, and in Under the Influence he's ramped up the cheek with another vibrant and hellfire set infused just the right amount of contemplation to dial it down at appropriate moments.

Sex, death and hedgehogs are firmly on his mind at the moment, and his musings about his early life and the current state of play in the bedroom with his wife sees him tearing strips off himself and his loved ones, even if it's all carved from a place of love. Regards hedgehogs, he simply asks a pertinent question about how difficult their births must be.

The 1998 Perrier winner appears in less confrontational and taste-challenging mood than in previous shows, but there are some who might still baulk at his imagining of the Obamas at erotic, perverse play within the White House. The insanity of the world has always been a fit for his own wilder leanings, but even Tiernan finds it hard to fathom why Ireland would consider slackening the laws on drink driving in its rural areas. But if all his socially-aware material and autobiographical details are not enough for you, then surely his pitch-perfect impersonation of a crazed crow will send doubters home happy.

Tommy Tiernan: Under the Influence tours Ireland from Thu 7 Sep–Fri 22 Dec. Seen at Gilded Balloon Teviot, Edinburgh.

Tommy Tiernan: Under the Influence

  • 4 stars

Frank and fiery stand-up from the edgy Irish comic.