James & Jamesy: 2 for Tea (3 stars)

This article is from 2017

James & Jamesy: 2 for Tea

A panto-esque hammy slapstick show with charm if not great wit

Sometimes you look at a show and wonder whether those behind it have made an error somewhere down the line. After the initial ten minutes of slowly-paced physical fun and hammed-up slapstick, it seems wrong that James & Jamesy have not been allocated a slot in the children's section of the Fringe programme. The remainder of the hour would fail to dissuade any onlooker from having further thoughts on that score.

We're introduced to the preening, angular and bewigged Jamesy who finds setting the table for tea a near-impossible task. His pal, the taller but less coiffured James (who Jamesy insists on calling 'Jamesy') enters the story with the air of a carer or the straight man in a Marx Brothers film. But given that this is a farce-sprinkled double-act show, he is quickly seen to be equally as inept. A whole heap of gentle audience participation later and there's been an amusing family photo and an inexplicably pointless club scene as we scuttle towards a fizzled-out finale.

Simply not beefed-up enough to sit comfortably in the comedy section, this perfectly jolly slice of panto-esque fare has the capacity to charm but lacks the substance to linger very long in the memory.

Gilded Balloon Teviot, run ended.

James & Jamesy: 2 for Tea

  • 3 stars

James and Jamesy present a vibrant celebration of friendship.