Dirty White Boys: Stupid (3 stars)

This article is from 2017

Dirty White Boys: Stupid

Sketch show with two Rickmans, one Hitchcock and a very rude baguette

There's a moment near the halfway point in the Dirty White Boys hour when the show moves from being a mildly irritating watch into something spectacularly and compellingly funny which keeps the momentum flowing to the end. In reimagining the Two Ronnies' oft-quoted Four Candles sketch as performed by two Alan Rickmans, the drawled vebalising of the late actor drives the hysteria way above its natural pitch.

It turns out be a show-saving moment for Jack Robertson and Chazz Redhead after the crushing banality of the opening segments, a cheesy intro tune and a routine where a man spots his old school friend on stage in the Donmar playing Richard III. Revolving around the Two Rickmans triumph, the second-half highlights keep on flowing from the Mafia boss threatening his capos in a unique manner to a very neat twist on trying not to eat a baguette without making it look sexual.

Meanwhile, in other deceased celebrity news, an Alfred Hitchcock sequence is framed around the fact that Jack always plays the larger gentlemen in their routines. Practically the dictionary definition of a mixed-bag sketch show, Stupid lives up to its name and a whole lot more.

Just the Tonic at The Caves, until 27 Aug, 9.20pm, £5 or Pay What You Want.

Dirty White Boys: Stupid

  • 3 stars

Dirty White Boys Imaginative, imbalanced and imbecilic sketch duo Dirty White Boys are proud to present a brand-new show for 2017! The boys bring their trademark fast-paced idiocy to a whole new selection box of skits. From Shakespeare to the Mafia via wizards and improper uses of a banana, there's no telling what you'll…