Hari Sriskantha: Clown Atlas (3 stars)

This article is from 2017

Hari Sriskantha: Clown Atlas

Lukewarm material blunts a promising comic's Fringe debut

Hari Sriskantha was once described as 'offbeat'. Having watched his first full Fringe show makes you wonder whether it was the writer or the comedian that was in something of a strange mood that night. For Sriskantha is as clean-cut as they come, giving off the air of your eighth or ninth funniest friend as he meanders through some low-key audience chatter and material that is often too lukewarm.

Once mistaken for Romesh Ranganathan, this finalist in the Student Comedy Award competition of 2012 is on a dual mission: to ponder the notion of happiness and for people to pronounce his name properly. Sriskantha recently got himself wed which gives him plenty to chew on for the former and has a workshop in place for us to get a handle on the latter.

There's something of a red herring let loose through his mysterious side story (told in snippets and with moody, recorded musical accompaniment) about a woman called Amber which, as time goes on, feels like a very long way round to get to one joke. But it's Hari's game and he's going to play it however he so chooses. Still, Clown Atlas is warmly affectionate with a number of good gags, and Sriskantha might soon be a name to look out for (and say properly).

Laughing Horse @ The Counting House, until 27 Aug, 4.45pm, free.

Hari Sriskantha: Clown Atlas

  • 3 stars

A debut stand up show all about happiness.