Carried Away (3 stars)

This article is from 2017


The drama of pregnancy in a charismatic solo show

This is surely the smallest, hottest room at the Fringe. The burning incense and techno remix of Moby only adds to the heady atmosphere of Nightingale Productions' Carried Away. Fresh-faced Phoebe (Lizzie Gray) is clearly in a tizz, pacing about her flat trying to calm down: doing a bit of yoga, anxiously folding laundry, lighting incense sticks. None of it is distracting her from reality: she is pregnant after a one-night-stand with a DJ.

This well-paced and funny show from Alexandra Simonet and Lizzie Gray, who alternate performing the solo show, owes a great deal to Phoebe Waller-Bridge's Fleabag. It is a confident depiction of a woman in her mid-twenties, dissatisfied with her job writing motivational quotes for greeting cards and still figuring out how to be a good adult. And as such, it does follow a familiar pattern.

As she tries to motivate herself into positivity, and to figure out how the hell she got pregnant after a visit to a gay club, she reveals details of a devastating miscarriage six years ago. These moments are handled sensitively but honestly, highlighting the complex emotional journey she is about to embark on with her second pregnancy. Carried Away is by no means a genre-breaking piece of work, but it is a simple story told with charisma and charm.

C royale, run ended.

Carried Away

  • 3 stars

Nightingale Productions Crib, check. Nappies, check. Weird, breast-pump thing, check. Losing mind, check. Mum on speed-dial, quickest route to hospital mapped. Phoebe discovers she’s pregnant again after a miscarriage and wants to talk. You’re invited into the bedroom of a girl frantically trying to figure out what it…