Johnny White Really-Really: Pigeons (3 stars)

This article is from 2017

Johnny White Really-Really: Pigeons

Jokes aplenty in a disorganised and discombobulating debut hour

Imagine you're mates with James Nesbitt from Cold Feet and that he outshines you at your own Halloween party. This is a scenario the audience mull over as Johnny White Really-Really introduces his debut stand-up hour. A lot of material is squeezed into Pigeons – though ironically, not much about pigeons – recalling stories from 1996 right through to the present day.

His real talent lies in his ability to move confidently from one joke to the next, and although his cynical nature can make it tricky for the audience to catch the punchline, his endearing giggle leaves this room wanting more. Really-Really kicks things off by sharing what's been on his mind, including encounters with The Animals of Farthing Wood, the qualities of time, and his love of fireworks. The finest moment comes when he explains, in worryingly convincing detail, his journey to a gingerbread house where he meets a witch who takes him to a magic mirror in order to cure his mental state.

Really-Really has got plenty of jokes to offer, but you can sense discomfort in the room from those not sure what to make of the disorganised delivery. Still, the more open-minded members of the crowd have a good laugh realising what it's like to be inside his head for an hour. He's still testing the waters, but Pigeons offers some promising storytelling stand-up and leaves you feeling all the better for it.

Just the Tonic at The Mash House, until 27 Aug, 6.40pm, £6 or Pay What You Want.

Johnny White Really-Really: Pigeons

  • 3 stars

Johnny White Really-Really Johnny is quite tall with a rakish air and a GSOH. He has made two series of short comedic films for VICE called Let's Consider and now he presents Pigeons, his debut stand-up hour in which the big questions (life, death, stag do angst) are bravely tackled and bravely abandoned. Lengthy…