Danny Lobell: Broke as a Joke (3 stars)

This article is from 2017

Danny Lobell: Broke as a Joke

Laidback New York tales of debts, scams and schemes

Always hustling, Danny Lobell is a bit like a New York Jewish version of Del Boy from Only Fools and Horses. He loves a loophole or gap in the market, and learned from the best: his dad only ever shopped at Costco because their no-questions-asked returns policy meant he could just liquidate most of the house if he ever got in the red. As the show title suggests, debt is a theme, and most of Lobell's scams and get-rich-quick schemes come about because he's maxed out some credit card or lived it up a bit too much on his expense account at the Friars Club, New York's famous private members venue that's seen many celebrity roasts over the years.

Lobell's laid-back yarns are good fun – he's tried hawking light bulbs door to door, breeding hypoallergenic cats, and punting cassettes for his unlikely comedy mentor, Jackie Mason – all in an attempt to make a quick buck. Some anecdotes are trotted out a bit too quickly, like a call-centre scammer hurriedly reading from their script while trying to meet sales targets. That aside, lots of New York colour, and plenty well-acted out accents, including Ecuadorean gangster neighbours, Bronx heroin dealers, Israeli comedy agents and Arabic chicken sellers dropping in for cameos make it an enjoyable journey, always trying to find the shortest route to Easy Street.

TheSpace @ Jury's Inn, until 25 Aug, 4.05pm, £9 (£8).

Broke as a Joke

  • 3 stars

Danny Lobell Comedian Danny Lobell (This American Life, WTF, Modern Day Philosophers) has always been broke. But he's never given up hope. He's bred designer hairless cats for money and worked alongside a geriatric hawking Jackie Mason's merchandise at his Broadway show. He raised chickens to sell their eggs with his…