Trygve Vs A Baby (4 stars)

This article is from 2017

Trygve Vs A Baby

credit: Baptiste Morel & Anais Wulf

Cute as heck hour of uncanny synchronicity and improvised larks

When Phineas Wakenshaw reaches the age of 18, his parents will hand him a present of one months worth of recorded shows at the Edinburgh Fringe. Upon watching them, he will see his one-year-old self waddling around a stage, charming a large audience and keeping dad on his toes as Papa Wakenshaw tries to prove that he's much more entertaining to look at than a baby.

While Trygve's physical comedic abilities remain undisputed, a debate will rage as to whether he does indeed have the upper hand on his boy in the laughter-inducing stakes. It could all be very different depending on the mood and the day, but for this show, Phineas is on top form, providing his father with plenty opportunities to capitalise on his cuteness and uncanny knack of being in the right place at the right time. At one point, Phineas locks eyes with the crowd and sways from side to side in time with the music: it's a gift for Trygve as he and the pair remain in perfect synchronicity for 30 delightful seconds.

Banking on a toddler's capacity for bashing stuff, a boxing routine ends with Trygve flat out on the imaginary canvas taking blow after blow to the head, inflicted by his tiny conqueror. Even a technical glitch with Trygve's cheek mic provides an opening for the duo to lark around on the floor with a hand-held microphone. During the universally recognised 40-minute mark lull, dad serenades son with 'You Are My Sunshine'. It's the only moment which teeters towards schmaltz with the crowd joining in, but soon enough matador Phineas is stabbing his bull-father to death. This was always destined to be a bold theatrical and comedic experiment but Trygve has come up glorious trumps in finding a new avenue for his peerless mime and movement skills.

Assembly Roxy, until 27 Aug, 3pm, £11–£12.50 (£10–£11.50).

Trygve vs a Baby

  • 4 stars

Trygve Wakenshaw with Don't Be Lonely and Aurora Nova A world-famous mime attempts to be more entertaining than a standard baby. From Trygve Wakenshaw, the creator of smash hits Nautilus (Fosters Award nominee), Kraken and Squidboy, comes a brand-new show and a brand-new baby. 'The new king of silent comedy' (Guardian).