Studio 9 (2 stars)

This article is from 2017

Studio 9

A limp and obvious series of sketches and characters from Cambridge duo

There will always be people who flinch at the very mention of the word 'Footlights'. For them, it conjures up images of privilege, posturing and comedy that is way too clever by half. Yet, the now mainstream likes of Mark Watson, Tim Key and Simon Bird all suffered the same derision when their careers started off at the Fringe, and nobody feels the need to put their names and Cambridge in the same sentence anymore.

Similarly, it would be unreasonable for a pair such as Will Hall and Leo Reich not to trade on their auspicious comedy background. Sadly, Studio 9, a limp sketch show based around the idea that they're recording a TV pilot is not a great advert for anyone concerned. When they deliver a routine about a charity ad for those struggling to cope with the burden of being in private education, they at least have the decency to mention afterwards that they're perfectly au fait with the irony. Or does that self-awareness make it even worse?

A bigger crime is allowing themselves to keep in a desperately obvious gag about a sperm bank while the routine of a posh chap heading to battle in World War I and looking to his wife and kids to bail him out feels, like much of their capers, disappointingly elongated.

Gilded Balloon Teviot, until 28 Aug, 2.45pm, £9–£10 (£8–£9).

Studio 9

  • 2 stars

Hectic Comedy It's the opportunity every comedian dreams of. Double act Will Hall and Leo Reich have been given an hour to record their very own TV pilot. It doesn't help that Leo is drunk. Or that Will is in love with the runner. Or that the tech keeps malfunctioning. But they've got a lot of sketches to get in the can…