Kat Bond: Loo Roll (2 stars)

This article is from 2017

Kat Bond: Loo Roll

Small mercies prevent this bizarre character tale from going down the pan

The small stage is adorned with a number of props, all wrapped in toilet roll. Kat Bond emerges from a dustbin and talks a lot of frankly bemusing nonsense, including a series of rather painful puns about rubbish. From the very start of Loo Roll the metaphors feel as though they're writing themselves.

This one-woman character comedy is all over the place from beginning to end. A wilfully bizarre tale of familial discord, Loo Roll has Bond flitting energetically all around the room, taking on the guise of her estranged family which includes an ultra-competitive marathon runner, a mum totally obsessed with Harry Styles and – somewhat successfully – a potato-peeling grandmother.

The toilet roll motif is exhaustingly inserted into every scene with no ingenuity nor wit to its application. Towards the end of the show, Bond ties the loosest of threads together with an audience-augmented homage to The Railway Children, thanks to which she is returned to the bin from whence she came. She's a bewilderingly committed performer whose endless enthusiasm for the patchiest of material saves this messy show from one-star ignominy.

Pleasance Courtyard, until 28 Aug, 5.45pm, £7.50–£10 (£6.50–£9).

Kat Bond: Loo Roll

  • 2 stars

Character comedy from a face you'll know from Call the Midwife, The Greatest and Channel 4 Blaps.