Dan Attfield: Google Drive (2 stars)

This article is from 2017

Dan Attfield: Google Drive

Disappointing analysis-driven musical comedy about predicting the future

'Come on guys, get on board' is this year's mantra for Fringe acts struggling to have their crowds give two hoots about what's going on in front of them. The perfectly agreeable Dan Attfield tries to coax involvement and enthusiasm from his modest gathering on more than a number of occasions. This desperate cajoling implies that those in the auditorium just aren't pulling their weight, but more often than not most blame lies squarely at the foot of the act.

Attfield's mathematical premise is that it's possible to punch data into the internet in order to predict the apocalypse in the same way that Google used search trends in 2008 which led them to foretelling flu outbreaks. With the aid of his guitar, a bit of beatboxing and a whole load of lo-fi props signifying the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Attfield delivers a death-metal tribute to Pingu, a negative ode about Heston Blumenthal, and (most successful of all) a naughty and snappy London Underground-based tune.

But any momentum that he achieves is almost immediately diminished by some weak audience work and unconvincing material around numbers and maths: 'not a joke, just a fact' is a remark he makes that can be sadly applied on far too many occasions in this disappointing hour.

Underbelly Med Quad, until 28 Aug, 12.20pm, £9–£10 (£8–£9).

Dan Attfield: Google Drive

  • 2 stars

Dan Attfield In 2008, Google used search trends to predict flu outbreaks. In 2017, musical comedian Dan Attfield uses the same data to predict the apocalypse. As featured on BBC One, BBC Radio 4 and E4 with hip hop improvisers Abandoman and YouTube sketch team The RH Experience. 'Lethal levels of laughter' ★★★★…