Ellie Taylor: This Guy (3 stars)

This article is from 2017

Ellie Taylor: This Guy

Nitty gritty of family life is accompanied by the desire not to spawn an addition

Ellie Taylor's career has taken a shift upwards in the last year, thanks in part to an appearance on Live at the Apollo. A brief straw poll suggest that this TV nugget has drawn in a significant proportion of this crowd. Taylor does nothing to disappoint that constituency as she relishes the chance to play a venue that isn't quite so haphazard with its attitude to health and safety as other locales she's performed in at the Fringe.

Marriage and motherhood are high on the agenda in This Guy, with Taylor not shying away from discussing the nitty gritty of the former (having wed a CNN reporter, she's inherited some rather choice Australian in-laws) while being blunt about recoiling from the latter. She's even a member of a WhatsApp group of peers who revel in their non-child rearing ways, though all that is put at risk when 'barren Karen' announces that she might be preggers.

So while the tick of Taylor's biological clock threatens to deafen her, she insists that she's more likely to invite a gnarled cat into her home than a mewling sprog. Slick yet scatological, her finest moments here revolve around some frank topics such as the moment she lost her virginity, a less than satisfactory occasion given the immaturity of both participants. Despite her subject matter, there's nothing childish about Ellie Taylor's stand-up, as it blossoms with age.

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Ellie Taylor: This Guy

  • 3 stars

Bubbly banter and energetic, upbeat wit from the former contestant on ITV's Show Me The Funny.