Aaah Sure, It's the Irish Comedian of The Year! (2 stars)

This article is from 2017

Aaah Sure, It's the Irish Comedian of The Year!

Leftfield musings lift an otherwise safe musical comedy set

Studenty bants flow freely in this solo comedy musical show from the friendly, bearded Irishman, Steve Bennett. He plays the small room hidden at the back of an Irish pub, armed with little more than his permagrin and a ukulele. Some of the boyfriend / girlfriend material, and safe stuff about stealing the duvet in bed at night, lets him down simply by being a bit too obvious. But he's funnier when he starts going a bit more leftfield and, for example, talks about feeding the elderly into a wood chipper.

Raised a Protestant, he reimagines a Catholic church ceremony as a banging club scene before scatter-gunning gags about abortions and parenthood, presenting some of his own handwritten porn poetry and finally finishing with a twisted lullaby for children scared of having bad dreams. If that sounds a bit all over the shop, it is, maybe because he tries to cover too much ground in an hour. Bennett also veers a couple of times into nonsense territory when he starts singing about gentrifying the apocalypse. Luckily he carries off the more chaotic or baffling bits with his easy-going style and handles audience interruptions with charm.

Laughing Horse @ Finnegan's Wake, until 27 Aug, 7.30pm, free.

Aaah Sure, It's the Irish Comedian of the Year!

  • 2 stars

Steve Bennett / Free Festival A show about finding the funny in failure. Join Steve Bennett, Irish Comedian of the Year 2016, and giggle about all the parts of life that don't quite work. From technology to religion to politics, the world is fecked and we need to get a laugh out of it before everything blows up. Upbeat…