Dave Johns: I, Fillum Star (3 stars)

This article is from 2017

Dave Johns: I, Fillum Star

credit: Steve Ullathorne

A tale of success later in life and hooking up with some celebs

Dave Johns once blew on David Bowie's bollocks. It's the moment glam rock died for him as he was dismayed there was no glitter on them. Of all his encounters with celebrities, this is thankfully the most risqué. Johns has met a number of famous people now, as he's walked a lot red carpets after appearing as the titular character in I, Daniel Blake. This show takes in his life since the film was released: mainly winning awards and talking to famous people. Did we mention he's met some famous people?

As well as featuring a series of Johns' celeb encounters, I, Fillum Star considers how he feels mind-blown at become a movie star at his age. He was ready to pack in his comedy career before winning over Ken Loach and changing tack somewhat. Talking with wit and intelligence about the working-class experience of never really feeling as though you fit in, it's multiplied 100 fold for Johns when he finds himself at the BAFTAs, or Cannes, or a five-star hotel in the Bahamas.

He often leans on Eric Morecambe-esque, quasi-vaudevillian jokes, which go down easily, and Johns is incredibly likeable. Fans of the film who aren't bothered by the occasional humblebrag will have a great laugh.

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Dave Johns: I, Fillum Star

  • 3 stars

Dave Johns What happens to a comedian when he's plucked from obscurity by master film maker Ken Loach and cast in the title role of one of the most acclaimed and talked about British films of recent years? I, Daniel Blake became a beacon for social realism and, for Dave Johns, a rollercoaster ride of red carpet…