Sunil Patel: Titan (3 stars)

This article is from 2017

Sunil Patel: Titan

credit: Rob Greig

Baring his teeth in a set that fluctuates from edgy to easy-going

Sunil Patel has picked himself a warm little room for his second show at the Fringe, immediately enabling a bit of self-deprecation: 'we've had some sleepers', he notes. Not because of the humour surely, as Patel keeps the laughs coming throughout, but maybe because he cultivates such a comfortable atmosphere. He opens on a suitably low-key note with a great gag comparing the events in his life at the early part of this year with that of Jay Z's when he gave up music, thus cultivating Patel's easy-going image further.

With the audience on-side, he divulges his current obsession with badminton, one that has sadly been thwarted by his fellow players' selfish decisions to procreate. Patel's bemusement at their preference of spending time with a creature who owns no neck muscles rather than him is the first sign of the edge in his material. The laid-back demeanour is placed aside for a moment as Patel bares his teeth and shows his bite. It's a solid show of comedy that zigzags nicely between Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. But be warned: he's actively looking for a new badminton partner.

Laughing Horse @ The Counting House, until 27 Aug, 3.35pm, free.

Sunil Patel: Titan

  • 3 stars

Plosive Productions / Free Festival Am I here for a little holiday? No! I’m doing my second show. Here’s some third-party validation from the first one: ‘A clearly gifted comedian with a comfy and approachable style, he is as self-aware and structurally subversive as any of the Fringe’s great alternative comedians…