DeLorean (2 stars)

This article is from 2017


A fascinating story stripped of its drama

The DeLorean DMC-12 sports car is an iconic vehicle largely thanks to its central role in cult classic Back to the Future. Despite a couple of forced references to the mid-80s movie, fans of Marty McFly's adventures are likely to be disappointed.

John DeLorean's story is certainly an interesting one. A genius con-man, with an ego to match his budget, he should be perfect theatrical fodder. Unfortunately, the drama in DeLorean is drowned in a sea of financial figures and complex tax arrangements. These are important elements of the story but the over reliance on them strips away the dramatic impetus.

DeLorean built his auto-factory in Belfast and the relationship between Ireland and the United Kingdom serves as a literal backdrop for the action. But while the rear of the set is dressed with green, white and orange walls, Irish voices are notable only by their absence, with a few rare exceptions.

Aside from Cory Peterson's performance as DeLorean himself, the cast are locked into tired stereotypes of 70s American businessmen. In particular, Matthew Weyland's attempts at an American accent are distractingly poor.

DeLorean's real life rise and fall is fascinating, but when told in this manner it becomes disappointingly dull.

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  • 2 stars

Freedom Picture Company The incredible true story of the man behind the iconic car from the Back to the Future movies in a brand new stage play. In the summer of 1978, John DeLorean received an astonishing £54 million from the British government to build a car manufacturing plant in Northern Ireland. Four years later, it…