Big Fat Bribe: The Wedding Reception

This article is from 2017

Big Fat Bribe: The Wedding Reception

A Fringe wedding reception

Where a wedding party storms into the office to invite us to their reception

A few years back Faulty Towers: The Dining Experience dropped Manuel off at the List HQ to cause mischief, before Sybil came to the rescue. This year, their sister show paid us a visit so that Lynn and Ray Beckett could cordially invite us to The Wedding Reception of their daughter Kate and William Price Esquire.

The bride and groom were dragged along while the mother of the bride explained the conundrum; they'd forgotten to invite guests to the surprise reception and needed us to spread the word so as not to spoil the happy couple's day. So here we are, spreading the word about their immersive two-hour comedy dining experience, complete with a three course meal (on at The Principal until Sun 27 Aug, not 21, times vary).

To leave us with something to remember them by, we were handed a bottle of cava and a bag of tools to assist with married life; our favourite being the plaster to 'plaster over the cracks in your relationship' and a plastic picnic knife 'for stabbing each other in the back'.

If you're performing in the Fringe and have been inspired to send us something in exchange for coverage, then please do. Nothing gross, financial or too sexual, let's keep it clean.

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The Wedding Reception

From the producers of Faulty Towers: The Dining Experience comes this immersive comedy experience, which is based around the story of a surprise wedding reception.