Keir McAllister: Hey, You're Only Cosmic Dust! (2 stars)

This article is from 2017

Keir McAllister: Hey, You're Only Cosmic Dust!

Missed opportunities and timid offerings befall this hour

Some comedians have a weird, magical sixth sense for what's funny in a story, their antenna twitching at some banal, easily missable detail, then mining it for gold. Others seem to walk right past the glaringly obvious. Edinburgh stand-up Keir McAllister keeps overtaking the good stuff, and lingering beside the not-so-great elements. So, he briefly mentions spending his teenage years as a born-again Christian, before telling a long, shaggy dog story about an old lady who got up very early to go to John Lewis and buy lavender potpourri.

His anecdotes don't really take off, even when he opens with 'this one's a cracker!'. Gripes about smug Facebookers, Brexit worries and Trump being a bampot also aren't helping him to stand out. Embarrassing stories about drunkenly offering a homeless person dogfood by accident, or the trials of IVF with his wife, are another missed trick: they're told without really stumbling on any big laughs. Chatting with the crowd lifts a weak script ('are you here as refugees?' he asks some Americans, or 'don't worry, it's just a stage you're going through' to latecomers) but most of the hour sadly bites the dust.

The Stand II, until 27 Aug, 3.50pm, £9 (£8).

Keir McAllister: Hey, You’re Only Cosmic Dust!

  • 2 stars

Keir McAllister / The Stand Comedy Club A new satirical hour from award-winning stand-up comic and writer Keir McAllister. Acclaimed circuit comic McAllister has become a Fringe favourite with political satire shows Aye Right, How No?, So That’s What We Voted For? and Topical Storm. Now, he’s striking out on his own to…