Festival City #6 | A dramaturg versus the end of the world

This article is from 2017

Festival City #6 | A dramaturg versus the end of the world

Director James Haddrell discusses Under My Thumb and Gazing at a Distant Star, and Rachel Briscoe discusses form and theatre

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Brace yourself: our theatre editor Gareth K Vile confesses he's actually enjoying himself at the Fringe. It might be down to his enthusiasm for Wild Bore, which he describes as the 'most important piece of work I'll see this year at the Fringe, or anywhere else for that matter'. Today's episode is a little inspired by that show, as he looks at different ways of making theatre, starting with traditional, script-based director and ensemble cast. First up, director James Haddrell of Greenwich Theatre introduces to the festival two shows from female playwrights, Under My Thumb and Gazing at a Distant Star. In part two, Sha Nazir, Art Director and Publisher of BHP Comics and Founder of Glasgow Comic Con, shares a couple of festival picks. Finally Gareth talks to Rachel Briscoe, director of Lists for the End of the World, and they discuss that show, theatrical form, and the meaning of dramaturgy.

Show notes:
00:00:00 – introduction
00:01:11 – interview with James Haddrell, director of Under My Thumb and Gazing at a Distant Star
00:11:09 – Sha Nazir (Glasgow Comic Con, BHP Comics) festival picks: One Man Shoe, Ahir Shah: Control
00:19:41 – interview with Rachel Briscoe, director of Lists for the End of the World

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Festival City Podcast is co-created by Gareth K Vile (host) and Scott Henderson (producer). Intro music by The Joy Drops. Supported by SGSAH.

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