Catriona Knox: Adorable Deplorable (3 stars)

This article is from 2017

Catriona Knox: Adorable Deplorable

The wives of world leaders come under the microscope of our manic host

Catriona Knox belts out a karaoke version of 'I Will Survive', accompanying the audience as they make their way to their seats. She points her mic obnoxiously in their faces, encouraging them to sing along and welcoming them with a limitless and manic energy. This may appear like an ill-placed gesture, but by the end, the song itself has an apt relevance, fitting cleverly with her show's loose theme.

As both a solo performer and one third of all-female sketch group The Boom Jennies, Knox is a seasoned comedy pro. Her new show Adorable Deplorable places a spotlight on the wives of world leaders and their near-invisibility behind their tyrannical partners. It's important to note that Theresa May's husband Philip is included in this lineup of famous wives, with Knox depicting him as a ridiculously feeble and pathetic spouse. He appears a number of times, in between Melania Trump and Anne Boleyn, the latter of which ends the show with a spot of yoga and an empowering chant about freedom and sexism.

While Adorable Deplorable certainly confirms Knox's knack for constructing excellent characters and scenarios, it often lacks the consistency we've come to expect from her. Still, this is a silly and fast-paced hour of politically inspired comedy that thankfully doesn't take itself too seriously in its composition.

Pleasance Dome, until 28 Aug, 6.50pm, £8–£11 (£7–£10).

Catriona Knox: Adorable Deplorable

  • 3 stars

Character comedy from Catriona Cox.