Cally Beaton: Super Cally Fragile Lipstick (2 stars)

This article is from 2017

Cally Beaton: Super Cally Fragile Lipstick

Rebecca Need-Menear

A wide range of topics often greeted by a muted response

Sometimes it's a mystery why some shows suddenly gain traction. Cally Beaton's debut solo Fringe hour, after last year's two-member Cat Call, is sold out. As in, this Pay What You Want show has sold a full house of tickets ahead of time rather than being packed with punters taking their chances on a free show. Beaton hangs this hour around her experience as a single mother of an autistic son, which may have been the draw for many.

After introducing us to her domestic situation and a frequently used flipchart of diagrams, she lets loose on a wide range of topics. Beaton covers the pitfalls of being married to a Dutch man, the deleterious effect that emojis have had on 21st century communication, and her various experiences as a high-powered career woman, suffering from mental health issues, combating menopause and dating men and women in her forties.

The logic of some of her set-ups doesn't quite ring true leading Beaton to incorrectly surmise that the audience's muted response is due to her risqué material. The best moments come when she relates her material back to her son and imagines his corrections of her inaccurate figures of speech.

Just the Tonic at The Community Project, until 20 Aug, 1.25pm; Just the Tonic at The Caves, 22–25 Aug, 10.40am, £5 (£4) or Pay What You Want.

Super Cally Fragile Lipstick

  • 2 stars

Cally Beaton Forty something years into a lifetime of looking great but feeling fake, Cally Beaton is ready to come out about her double life in her hilarious brand-new stand-up show, Super Cally Fragile Lipstick. Accomplished and insecure, perky yet prone to crying, sophisticated and so not, a woman who wears lipstick…