Marjolein Robertson: Relations (3 stars)

This article is from 2017

Marjolein Robertson: Relations

credit: John Carolan

Likeable performer talks of her Shetland heritage and details a fair smattering of sex

It's refreshing to hear from this Shetland comedian, whose hour of stories about growing up on the remote northern islands is raw and genuine. Marjolein Robertson's stage presence and narrative style is informal and charming, and she is a likeable performer. The moments of sexually explicit content (thrush, pubic hair and her body) are woven cleverly throughout the show and don't succumb to the trend of throwing such things in purely for shock value. Instead, their inclusion seems natural, as she discusses her relationship misdemeanours, Tinder and a trip to New Zealand.

The most interesting moments include her thoughts on the Nordic and Scottish heritage of the islands, and her small ventures into politics: these might both be worth extending. Robertson was flustered at moments, losing her thread and hesitating, and there were fewer moments which were totally laugh out loud than you might hope for. Also, the seeming necessity these days for every stand-up comedian to finish their set with a call-back is becoming predictable and formulaic, and Robertson's contribution fell a bit flat. But for a free Fringe show, Relations is well worth a visit.

Black Market, until 26 Aug, 6.15pm, free.

Marjolein Robertson: Relations

  • 3 stars

Marjolein Robertson / PBH's Free Fringe Shetland comedian Marjolein, as seen on BBC The Social, explores relations from all types, including familial, political and sexual (rude). Observational comedy on the outside world from a small islander's perspective with true accounts sewn in. She's spent the last six months in…