Fin Taylor: Lefty Tighty Righty Loosey (4 stars)

Fin Taylor: Lefty Tighty Righty Loosey

Provocative hour from a comic who claims to have abandoned the left

Deep within the bowels of a lively Old Town pub, Fin Taylor immediately gets his audience on side with an uproarious observation about the discord between us in our cosseted basement space and the vast swathes of 'full-on Brexit' towering above us. Following on with what he himself terms an 'arrogant start' in slagging off Bill Hicks, he makes it clear that he's unafraid to court controversy even if he does so with his tongue firmly in a cheek.

He describes the past 12 months as 'a shit year for "the left" and a shit year for me personally', before chronicling the ups and downs of both. Interspersed within the political material are wonderful gems such as an achingly funny routine about a spin class gone wrong.

Taylor claims to have recently given up being left wing, and his dalliance with the right-of-centre ennobles him to provocatively explore issues around sexism, racism and gender identity. That's not to say he rails against liberalism, rather he constantly battles with himself over confusion about the 'fine line' between chivalry and sexism, or the way the term LGBTQ+ continues to evolve. Taylor is an exhausting and animated comedian with a wonderfully florid way of telling stories, and this is a thoughtful, provocative and hilarious show.

Just the Tonic at The Tron, until 27 Aug, 10.20pm, £6.50 or Pay What You Want.

Fin Taylor: Lefty Tighty Righty Loosey

  • 4 stars

Fin Taylor The most talked about comedian from last year’s Fringe is back. He’s still white, and you’re still hippies. Something’s got to give. And I’m not blacking up. It’s been a globe-trotting year for Whitey. He’s been to America, Australia, Holland and the rest. All over, he’s found people who say they’re too left…