Adam Hess: Cactus (2 stars)

This article is from 2017

Adam Hess: Cactus

A jumpy, hyper runaway train that fails to fully capitalise on the comedic possibilities

A number of girls have flirted with Adam Hess, he's explaining, in his now established breathless, hyper style. That number is zero, he quickly adds. He does a lot of likeable, self-deprecating material with a slightly panicked smile on his face, and also has a lot of material about his ex. Which is something he brings to pretty much every show he's ever done. 'Without exes, we'd have no drive to achieve anything in life!' he jokes, before nervously rattling through the next bits.

The rickety, runaway train hurtles through anecdotes about signing up for medical trials as a way to make cash and combat loneliness; his germophobic mum; a fiasco involving a rowing boat and a leotard. He talks several times about being in a weird situation and just 'styling it out'.

Maybe that's what the whole hyper thing is about; a jumpy, adrenal delivery to keep momentum going when the jokes are falling a bit flat. The room seems split; some are enjoying the machine-gun approach he's stuck with for years now, but others really wish he'd start to slow down a bit, and flesh out the good bits. Even if it takes an elephant tranquiliser to help him calm down.

Heroes @ The Hive, until 27 Aug, 6pm, £6 or Pay What You Want.

Adam Hess: Cactus

  • 2 stars

Adam Hess / Heroes of Fringe Edinburgh Comedy Award-nominated chap and star of Live at the Palladium, Live From the BBC and other stuff returns for another smash-hit show. He's five foot eleven, he hates other families' plates, and he had his 18th birthday party on a riverboat on the Thames so when people realised how…