Blueswater Presents: Cat Loud (3 stars)

This article is from 2017

Blueswater Presents: Cat Loud

Soulful torch-singing and forthright stage banter from the Scottish cabaret singer

If you can tell how confident and comfortable a performer is by the way they handle a heckler, then it seems that cabaret singer Cat Loud – or Catriona MacLeod, who's from the west of Scotland but has recently been based in London – was born to be on a stage. She doesn't just strike up a rapport with the heavily tipsy young woman shouting 'hell, yeah!' at random intervals, she even invites her onstage as one of the volunteers enlisted to aid a costume change and heckles her right back.

It all fits neatly with the show's aesthetic, which sees Cat – mostly elegant in an evening dress and supported by Rob Harrison on electric piano – mixing sharp-tongued and comedic spoken interludes with a brand of dusky torch singing which stuns the room into silence. In both cases, her voice is clear, confident and easy to listen to, whether she's working Nina Simone's 'When I Was a Young Girl', Etta James' 'Spoonful' or (highly appropriate, given her forthright stage persona) Martha Wainwright's 'Bloody Mother Fucking Asshole' into her tale of an Alice in Wonderland-style trip to meet the devil, or letting loose with some wickedly forthright banter. 'Clap whenever you want, I really fucking love it,' she says; she deserves to hear a bigger and fuller venue doing just that.

SpaceTriplex, until 25 Aug, 10.20pm, £9 (£8).

Blueswater Presents: Cat Loud

  • 3 stars

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