Two Plus Ones: Huge Night In (2 stars)

This article is from 2017

Two Plus Ones: Huge Night In

credit: Hunter Allen/Sami Ibrahim

Predictable and interminable sketches marginally alleviated by energetic performances

The trio of Two Plus Ones proclaim themselves to be 'the neediest sketch group in town'. There'd be a lot of competition for that prize you'd imagine, and it's difficult to know what else would make this lot stand out from the crowd. The crew is comprised of Luke Sumner (the 'dweeby' one), Josh Chana (the 'chilled' and 'vain' one), and Archie Henderson (look out: he's the 'crazy' one, folks).

Initially, the idea is set-up that Josh and Luke have a special kinship that goes back a long way leaving Archie clearly positioned as the outsider. There are various places that such a scenario could have gone, but having placed it in our minds, the concept is more or less dumped.

Instead, there are the usual array of sketches that are good, bad and really very poor indeed. On the upside is the Penny Farthing routine where the inventor of this wonky vehicle is also responsible for other weirdly out-of-scale products. But then they go and ruin it all by making a pun around 'rap' and 'wrap' that should never have made it out of the rehearsal room alive.

There's a pleasing spot of physicality with a massive red shoe, but while the cannibal's last meal and the audience-participatory finale of the spirituality-yogic class may vary greatly in length, they share common ground in both being interminable. There's also a degree of predictability here, so when the running gag about swear words being censored by their disgruntled tech (aren't all the techs who are brought into a show in that mood?), you just know that somewhere down the road, a bleep will arrive in the wrong place.

Clearly there's an energy to this threesome that will serve them well up to a point, but sharper writing should be a priority before their Huge Night In inspires more people to hit the town.

Just the Tonic at The Caves, until 26 Aug (not 14), 9.15pm, £6 (£5) or Pay What You Want.

Two Plus Ones: Huge Night In

  • 2 stars

Country Mile Productions Raucous, fraternal comedy from award-winning sketch trio. After their cult hit debut show Mothers stirred up a media breeze at Edinburgh last year, they’re back with their totally unique brew of tight writing, banging tunes and sixth-form soul-searching. Come for the beats, leave before bedtime.