Attached (3 stars)

This article is from 2017


credit: Jean Freetz

Geeky and fun circus show exploring how things are attached

The geeky, experimental feel to this circus show makes it seem a little like a children's science television programme, where things like balance and gravity are explored. Watching Manu Tiger and Massimiliano Rossetti busy about the stage, setting up their various elaborate tricks out of boxes, metal and ropes, is certainly part of the fun here.

The title becomes apparent early on, when they appear in Velcro suits, launching a sticky assault on one another. But it's also called back in the recurring theme of see-saws where the pair are more indirectly attached, Tiger dependent on Rossetti to gain the necessary height for a leap onto a high surface or up towards the ceiling of the Udderbelly to propel him into a backflip. Then there's the elaborate finale where everything is attached – a sort of human-sized version of the game Mousetrap, complete with pulleys, weights, and domino effects.

There is something a bit bouffon-ish about their interactions with audience members – light humiliation seems to be the essence of their patter, (though only with grown-ups to be fair). But there is also something of the classic circus lurking in there too: the strong man, the human cannonball. The beauty of this show is in the honesty of its set up – no equipment is hidden and we can see clearly the way everything works – and while you may end up explaining the mechanics of balance to your kids afterwards, this is surely no bad thing.

Underbelly George Square, until 17 Aug (not 14, 21), 3.15pm, £12–£14 (£11–£13).


  • 3 stars

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