Gavin Webster: It's About Time We Had More Women in There (3 stars)

This article is from 2017

Gavin Webster: It's About Time We Had More Women in There

Geordie comic takes aim at those he feels deserves some wrath

Back at the Fringe for supposedly the last time, Gavin Webster wants to end on a high and so spends the hour talking about members of society he dislikes the most. After clarifying that the show title is not a reflection of his own thoughts, there's an instant sense of relief from the audience, who were apprehensive that a set of highly controversial comedy was on the horizon.

Webster clearly identifies the groups he dislikes: the self-righteous, the hippies, the militant liberals, the reactionary amateur accountants and … kids. According to him, the world would be too boring and regimented if they were our leaders. Instead, we should just adopt a 'pay taxes and don't murder' policy to encourage a (much) more liberal lifestyle. You may disagree, but he doesn't care, and it's his nonchalant attitude which makes listening to his tangents all the more entertaining.

Webster's tendency to get sidetracked is a little wearing by the finale, and the occasional mention of Nazis and different religious groups are not his finest moments. But at the age of 47, he's nailed the structure of his show and if you're ever in need of a comic to make you feel more relaxed about life, Gavin Webster is your man.

The Stand II, until 27 Aug (not 14), 7.35pm, £9 (£8).

Gavin Webster: It's About Time We Had More Women in There

  • 3 stars

Gavin Webster / The Stand Comedy Club My struggle with right on politics. Gavin Webster is 47 and is white and male and still has trouble getting to grips with ongoing political correctness. I know, he should be executed! He started work on a building site in the mid 1980s after attending the comprehensive school with the…