Dominic Holland: Eclipsed – Free (3 stars)

This article is from 2017

Dominic Holland: Eclipsed

The man once seen as a bright British stand-up star reflects on his son's global success

In the Fringe world a long, long time ago, Dominic Holland was quite the big deal. But his early stand-up achievements have been well and truly usurped by that of his son Tom aka the new Spider-Man. If we hate it when our friends become successful, what can it do to a person's soul when their offspring outpaces them in the business they're both in? When the toddler Tom showed off some fancy footwork, his mum believed him to be destined for showbusiness glory, while dad was on hand to offer some words of wisdom about not expecting too much in the industry.

These pep talks all occurred prior to Tom landing big parts such as Billy Elliot on the West End, and later as Peter Parker (papa Holland seeks some solace at the prospect of spooking young folk by telling them that he's Spider-Man's father).

He might use it a little too much, but Holland snr has perfected the glazed expression and middle-distance stare of someone who can't quite believe what's actually happening around him. His stand-up abilities are still intact though the meanderings about being a fiftysomething (prostates, balding, and trips to the garden centre) are the least engrossing parts of his semi-tragic tale.

Voodoo Rooms, until 27 Aug, 4.40pm, free.

Dominic Holland Eclipsed – Free

  • 3 stars

Dominic Holland Been over a decade since this multi-award winning comedian played the fringe. Returning with his hilarious update on family life but with an added twist that comes courtesy of having a superhero for a son. Turns out Spider-Man does have a dad after all and he's much funnier than Uncle Ben! 'A master of…