Sara Pascoe: LadsLadsLads (3 stars)

This article is from 2017

Sara Pascoe: LadsLadsLads

A curiously unsatisfying new hour from a comic whose truths feel slippery

Breaking up might be hard to do, but such a traumatic event can prove to be a trigger towards greatness for creative types. This is most markedly felt in the world of music, where everyone from Sinatra to Adele have released albums scratched from the pain of separation. As Sara Pascoe details at the beginning of LadsLadsLads (her first Fringe foray since the Edinburgh Comedy Award-nominated Sara Pascoe vs History in 2014), she became single last Christmas for the first time since 2001. Not that she's been in a solid relationship for 15 years, just that she's been 'overlapping' a lot.

This break-up is with fellow comic John Robins, and is told in rather exploitative detail (others might call it 'honest') as the festive season turned sour. Robins cried a lot, which is fine for Pascoe as men's tears turn her on. Of course, chances are that this is her version of an alternative fact, as the truth appears to slip and slide all over the place here. Pascoe's stage garb (stockings, sequins, spangles and shoeless) is certainly not a prime example of her regular wardrobe. And while it's unlikely that she really is in favour of certain aspects of incest, maybe she's telling it straight when claiming to be bored by galleries, theatres and, well, art of pretty much every kind.

The truth might be hard to get a handle on during Pascoe's personal new show, but the laughs are never too far away. She has great lines about old people and Brexit, failing to realise exactly where Costa Rica lies on the map, and taking down a bloke who dubbed her 'too tamponny', but ultimately this feels like a show without a clear purpose and devoid of an obvious destination.

It's usually a good sign when a Fringe hour culminates and you're left wanting more. But in this instance, the vague flimsiness that's just passed might leave some feeling decidedly unsatisfied.

Pleasance Courtyard, until 27 Aug (not 14), 7pm, £10–£13.50 (£9–£12.50).

Sara Pascoe: LadsLadsLads

The award-winning comedian returns with her new show.