The Complete History of Europe (More or Less) (3 stars)

This article is from 2017

The Complete History of Europe (More or Less)

Fun and funny history lesson with a serious point to make

Bonkers but brilliant, this two-man show from Maltese company More or Less runs through the headline events of the history of Europe from the Bronze Age up to today – or tomorrow if Brexit goes ahead – that doesn't put Britain at its centre.

Malcolm Galea and his inept side-kick Joseph Zammet, who has a penchant for dressing up in skeleton outfits and long droopy moustaches, rain down jokes which are so silly and well targeted that they have 6-year-olds falling off their seats in laughter.

They deliver it all with such enthusiasm that it doesn't matter that production values are not high and their props are nothing more than an outline map of Europe, labels for the key points, a succession of increasingly silly wigs, a mini-cow and, for a dance-off finale, 28 European flags.

The jokes are equally basic, mainly variations on Joseph misunderstanding a key point – the Bronze Age is not, after all, about getting bronzed in the sun. A bit of dramaturgy with a historian would no doubt tighten it up, but the essence of the production is just as it should be. A canter through history in such a manner as to make it memorable and to allow the salient facts to shine through.

C, until 28 Aug, 11.15am, £7.50–£9.50 (£5.50–£7.50).

The Complete History of Europe (More or Less)

  • 3 stars

More or Less Theatre (Malta) How much do you know about European history? Doesn’t matter! This show tells you all you need to know… as well as some things you’re probably better off not knowing! Starting from the Bronze Age, this show runs headlong, and roughshod, through 5000 years of European history to give its young…