Double Denim (3 stars)

This article is from 2017

Double Denim

High-energy and low-brow games, music and imbibing

Strewth (to speak the lingo), what a fun show this is to end the day on, particularly if your day has involved a few beers. Though it's not compulsory, Double Denim offer you the chance to pop your party pants on and get ready to bust a groove. Aussies Michelle Brasier and Laura Frew have organised a soiree and we're all invited. There'll be games, cheesy 90s dance music, communal imbibing of coke (the liquid variety) and a whole lot of denim.

Already a big hit at the Melbourne Comedy Festival, the glittery pair make for cutely enthusiastic and excitably childlike hosts; when caught out not having done something, Michelle has the best nervous giggle heard in a long time, while Laura castigates her for that forgetfulness.

But it's not all pass-the-parcel and copping off with guys in the front row as there are some set-pieces here to be enjoyed too. Brasier has prepared an art piece based on her adolescence which sees the inclusion of some extra-large sanitary pads and a bottle of Blue WKD. Just as abstract is their graphic recreation of a hymen breaking, fully choreographed by the pair. This is a whole load of high-energy antipodean silly.

Gilded Balloon Teviot, until 28 Aug (not 14), 11.15pm, £8–£11 (£7–£10).

Double Denim

  • 3 stars

Michelle Brasier and Laura Frew Two girls. One fabric. Michelle Brasier (Space Tortoise) and Laura Frew (Winter is Coming) present Double Denim, fresh from a sold-out season at Melbourne Comedy Festival! Double Denim is a jump-rope-confetti-dance-group-date, full of 90s nostalgia and fuelled by a strong commitment to…