Sean McLoughlin: You Can't Ignore Me Forever (3 stars)

This article is from 2017

Sean McLoughlin: You Can't Ignore Me Forever

Feisty if often distracted set from a man who loves a tangent

From the off, Sean McLoughlin promises the crowd he won't address them directly but within moments the tortuous drinking habits of a young punter have him going off at a delightful tangent. It's a shame he doesn't indulge the audience much beyond that because he has a nice line in skittish banter.

McLoughlin laments that his fifth show in as many years is his first born outwith crisis, although that's not to say he's in any way happy with his lot in life. He's certainly not coasting by on braggadocio. Taking self-deprecation to a new low, he paints a rather pathetic portrait of sexual inadequacy, career stagnation and underachievement in general.

Most of McLoughlin's funniest material deals with sex, with a routine on jealousy generating some of his biggest laughs. He has an annoying habit of breaking off mid-set, concerned by what he deems to be a muted response to the material ('it's a Tuesday night!' he exclaims, confusingly, as a call to arms), and also has a distracting habit of chuckling under his breath at his own jokes. But that's part and parcel of this excitable and feisty performer.

Laughing Horse @ City Café, until 26 Aug, 6.45pm, free.

Sean McLoughlin: You Can't Ignore Me Forever

  • 3 stars

Sean McLoughlin / Free Festival Come witness the astonishing resurrection of 'the best comedian you haven't heard of yet (Time Out). 'One brilliant punchline after another… staggeringly high success rate' ★★★★ (List). 'At once hilarious and painfully revelatory'. ★★★★ ( 'Blind-sides you out of nowhere' ★★★…