Andrew Ryan: Did You Get Here Alright? (4 stars)

This article is from 2017

Andrew Ryan: Did You Get Here Alright?

Cork native preaches love and understanding in the face of personal trials

'See what happens when Ed Byrne sells out?' Andrew Ryan says, surveying a packed room with suspicion. In the event that he's right, and tonight's punters have just stumbled upon the Cork comedian by accident, they won't have been disappointed by this captivating hour.

Ryan is still dwelling on being told to 'go back home' by a heckler in Watford, using this would-be Irish-baiting as a means of exploring modern xenophobia. Ryan's a charmer, breaking from his script to chit-chat with the front row, but those playful moments don't dislodge the focus of Did You Get Here Alright? which offers intelligent, mature analysis, Ryan conceding that our experiences inform our prejudices.

But an hour of 'let's all be friends' would be no fun at all. So, Ryan gleefully pokes fun at British arrogance, bemoans the near impossibility of getting on the housing ladder and sighs at a world where mob justice sees every mistake picked on and punished ruthlessly. He mines his own awkwardness and personal misfortune – lord almighty, Ryan has the right to be furious – for cathartic laughs, and they come quick and fast. One minute rapturously funny, the next vulnerable and thoughtful, Andrew Ryan's new show is a disarming delight.

Assembly George Square Studios, until 27 Aug, 6.45pm, £7–£11 (£6–£9).

Andrew Ryan: Did You Get Here Alright?

  • 4 stars

Off The Kerb Productions Irishman and star of BBC One Northern Ireland's The Blame Game, Andrew Ryan returns to the Fringe with another offering of his 'well-paced, well written show that delivers plenty of laughs' ★★★★ (Mirror). Andrew is trying to conquer love, life, politics, insecurity, fear, living alone, and all…