Andrew Doyle: Thought Crimes (2 stars)

This article is from 2017

Andrew Doyle: Thought Crimes

A political critique ravaged by blind spots and irrelevance

Andrew Doyle surveys British politics from his perspective as a gay, Corbyn-ite Catholic and, between bouts of audience-baiting banter (and sexual advances), locates his dissatisfaction with left-leaning life in the UK. With a pedigree in political comedy as co-writer of Jonathan Pie (the fictitious political correspondent who can be seen on YouTube), this is all familiar territory for Doyle and his run-down of each British political party does feel rather cursory.

It is surprising that for a show in Scotland he does not acknowledge the different political landscape north of the border: Scottish Labour are a different beast to Corbyn's lot and, for him, the SNP may as well not exist. It hints at a lack of effort that's replicated in his attack on left-wingers as Guardian-reading devourers of avocado, as well as lazy pot-shots at Ed Sheeran whose only fault is selling a lot of albums. A section in which Doyle slags off Scotland's education system serves no function, narratively, thematically or comedically.

He does make some good points about the nature of the EU and the pitfalls of identity politics in what could have been a necessary critique of why the left is currently losing out to the Brexiteers and Tories.

The Stand, until 27 Aug (not 14), 6.30pm, £12 (10).

Andrew Doyle: Thought Crimes

  • 2 stars

Headway Talent / The Stand Comedy Club Andrew Doyle returns to Edinburgh for his sixth solo show. Co-writer of internet sensation Jonathan Pie, Andrew’s online collaborations with Pie creator Tom Walker have been viewed over 150 million times. Andrew has been described as ‘fantastically funny’ (GQ), ‘one of the funniest…