Candy Gigi Presents: Becky Rimmer's Bat Mitzvah! (5 stars)

This article is from 2017

Candy Gigi Presents: Becky Rimmer's Bat Mitzvah!

A wonderfully barking foray into the adolescent mind via props, shocks and audience camaraderie

It's Becky Rimmer's Bat Mitzvah. She's got the sparkling rhinestone frock, 90s tunes on the decks and everything's going to be great. But only if her mum Gaye stops crying, dad Mervyn quits sleeping with men, and her 'boyfriend' Benjamin actually turns up. As we've come to expect of Candy Gigi, this is an absolute riot (almost literally) of a show and, as ever, it's certainly not for the faint of heart as she pushes interactive clowning to its extremes, way beyond the comfort zone.

There's plenty of audience participation (this reviewer made a hash of 'performing' as both Becky's mum and her hated friend Sarah) as Gigi / Rimmer bullies all of us into doing something. That said, there's a weird camaraderie of us all being in this together. No matter how terrifying she is, we still want to get involved.

There are plenty shocking moments to be enjoyed this year: impertinent questions of a downstairs nature, botched surgical procedures and a lot of fake blood. Plus Gigi has brought a car-full of inventive mad props both old and new; there are naked suits, merkins with penises attached, plus sheets with holes, and something pink and fluffy with eyes: we'll leave you to guess what that might represent.

What takes this a notch above Candy's previous work is that in among the gore and the grotesque, the most monstrous of whom is the spoilt party girl herself, there's a surprisingly poignant depiction of adolescence. This is particularly evident in the songs about an impatience for her first period to arrive. Gigi captures something of that delicate age where girls begin to transition into women, yearning to grow up yet still being little girls in so many ways. Magnificently insane.

Heroes @ The Hive, until 27 Aug (not 13 & 14, 22), 1.15pm, £5 or Pay What You Want.

Candy Gigi Presents: Becky Rimmer's Bat Mitzvah!

  • 5 stars

Candy Gigi / Heroes / PWYW Becky Rimmer, along with her father and mother, Mervyn and Gaye Rimmer, invite you to join them in the celebration of Becky's Bat Mitzvah! Gaye asks that any young boys coming to the party stay behind for the interview process afterwards, in which she will choose a partner for Becky, who is 12…