Festival City #4 | Those chia seeds won't make you happy

This article is from 2017

Festival City #4 | Chia seeds won't make you happy

Daniella Isaacs on the wellness trap and Mamoru Iriguchi explores what it means to be eaten

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Beginning with a song about lice, Gareth K Vile offers a food and drink episode bereft of food and drink recommendations for the duration of your visit to Edinburgh. First up on the pod we talk to Daniella Isaacs of Hear Me Raw and discover why eating healthily isn't necessarily a good thing and how ghost writing a fitspiration book is a very bad idea. Composer and producer Matthew Whiteside is accosted to share his Fringe experiences so far and what he plans to see. And finally, Vile meets a man who has been eaten by a lion, as performance artist Mamoru Iriguchi comes to the studio to discuss Eaten.

Music in today's episode comes from Ami and Tami, a musical reimagining of Hansel and Gretel.

Show notes:
00:00:41 – Welcome introduction
00:01:48 – Daniella Isaacs, writer and performer of Hear Me Raw
00:13:24 – Music from Ami and Tami
00:13:47 – Composer Matthew Whiteside talks Assembly Rooms' VR Experience, Sonica installation Nearer Future by Heather Lander, Rhinoceros and Scottish Opera's Greek
00:19:03 – Music from Ami and Tami
00:19:15 – Performance artist Mamoru Iriguchi of Eaten
00:28:16 – Outro and thanks

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Festival City Podcast is co-created by Gareth K Vile (host) and Scott Henderson (producer). Intro music by The Joy Drops. Supported by SGSAH.

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