Seanmhair (4 stars)

This article is from 2017


credit: Aenne Pallasca

A strikingly staged tale of love, loss and emergent womanhood

As Jenny bemoans her ageing husband's physical and mental decline, she remembers when she met him on the streets of Edinburgh at age ten; a rebellious youth with a wicked glint his eye.

Three actors of differing ages portray the central protagonist Jenny in this play from Welsh writer Hywel John, along with other characters in the story, deftly embodying multiple personalities in the same scene using just subtle physical signifiers. They juggle lines back-and-forth in an impressively rhythmic fashion that gives the play a momentum which helps tie together its non-linear narrative. The stage is a striking 3D visualisation of Edinburgh's cobbled streets with a boldly lit triangle as the focal point.

It is only in the final stretch that the script becomes confusing, as the action cross-cuts from the younger to older Jenny, mixing Gaelic mysticism in a slightly muddled fashion that clashes with the realist story up to that point. However, for the majority of its duration, this is an engaging show with three fantastic central performances in an enjoyably Edinburgh-based story.

Bedlam Theatre, until 28 Aug (not 5, 22), 4.55pm, £12 (£10).


  • 4 stars

When Jenny and Tommy meet on the streets of Edinburgh, they discover that their connection is stronger than initially anticipated.