American Immigrant: Zoltan Kaszas (3 stars)

This article is from 2017

Zoltan Kaszas: American Immigrant

Wide-eyed analysis of Europe's mores from a 'dumb' American

As Zoltan Kaszas himself acknowledges, he's got a great name for comedy: who doesn't want to hear what a Zoltan has to say? Born in Budapest, he grew up in the US, and despite being well-travelled across America, this is his first time outside the country as an adult.

Much of the comedy is derived from his delightful, wide-eyed surprise about Europe, including our habit of bringing large groups of children to historical sites of murder and torture. A self-confessed 'dumb' American, he knew little about the continent before arriving (he only brought one pair of trousers to Scotland) and his virgin insight into our culture and attitudes is genuine and hilarious.

His observational humour about America, covering dodgy motels, flights and voting forms, is delivered with a warm and easy enthusiasm that keeps the audience on side throughout. While Kaszas touches on the president and recent transgender debates regarding toilets, his show betrays no political agenda, just a platform for light-hearted humour in the face of ridiculousness. Towards the end it becomes a little fragmented but the only joke that doesn't translate is about growing up without a dad, which draws an empathetic response, rather than the laughter it gets back home. But he's going to work on that.

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American Immigrant: Zoltan Kaszas

  • 3 stars

Zoltan Kaszas Award-winning American comedian and 'breakout star' ( Zoltan Kaszas (FOX, Hulu, Sirius XM Radio) debuts his stand-up show, American Immigrant, at the 2017 Fringe with storytelling material on travelling, Trump and growing up with a Communist-era Hungarian mother. 'For a comedian, Zoltan…