Peter & Bambi Heaven: When Love is Magic (4 stars)

This article is from 2017

Peter & Bambi Heaven: When Love is Magic

Intense magic and dance that subverts the tropes of the genre

The crowd packed into Assembly's Piccolo Tent are palpably excited. Cheering and clapping to the pumping Metallica blasting through the sound system they are ready to be entertained.

In this context, the dancing magicians Peter and Bambi Heaven seem to have a relatively easy job. Fortunately they are more than willing to go above and beyond to ensure the audience go home delighted.

They open their show slowly with a languid dance sequence. Like the rest of the show it features spandex, glitter and esoteric props. It softens the mood in the room but also ensures that Peter and Bambi can reinvigorate the audience on their own terms.

Their skills don't lie in producing innovative or imaginative magic tricks. Instead they win the crowd's hearts by neatly subverting the tropes that define the glitzy world of Las Vegas magic.

That's not to say this show lacks glamour. It has it by the bucketload. But it's a low budget, high octane, hair-metal kind of glamour, dripping with gleeful nostalgia.

There are tricks in the show that slightly miss the mark and the humour is certainly crude, but it doesn't really matter. Peter and Bambi have full command of an audience who are enraptured.

Assembly George Square, until 27 Aug (not 14), 10.35 pm, £12–£13.

Peter & Bambi Heaven: When Love Becomes Magic

  • 4 stars

Sharon Burgess Productions 'Love is a battlefield' (Pat Benatar). Australia's best high energy dancing magicians, Peter & Bambi Heaven are back, spraying love and magic on everything and everyone they touch. ‘The laughter was deafening’ ★★★★ (Advertiser, Adelaide). ‘Seeing this show is like accelerating at full speed…