Conor Drum: All My Friends Are Dead (2 stars)

This article is from 2017

Conor Drum: All My Friends Are Dead

A lack of vigour neuters some eerie material

Conor Drum isn't the victim of terrible luck or some evil curse: his friends have only metaphorically passed on by getting married. Currently single himself but living with two female friends (a situation he nicely equates to a moribund, polygamous relationship), he bemoans his lack of a regular drinking partner since his best friend paired off two years ago.

Drum uses this setup to recount a number of stories, the most notable of which is the time when, as best man to his best friend, he arranged for Czech police to pretend to arrest the groom during the stag do in Prague. The tale is an intricate and interesting one, although it's not especially funny, and there's an eerie undercurrent of sadism to the whole endeavour (something that permeates through much of his other material).

Detailing his battle against testicular cancer with candour and dry humour, it's clear that Drum is an engaging storyteller. He tails off a few minutes early, seemingly defeated by a muted audience response ('I feel like I'm giving a lecture', he notes sombrely). Conor Drum has some interesting experiences to share but he needs to inject a little more vim and vigour to bring out the big laughs.

Laughing Horse @ Bar 50, until 27 Aug, 6pm, free.

Conor Drum: All My Friends Are Dead

  • 2 stars

Conor Drum A show about being the only remaining singleton in a world full of weddings, mortgages, children, security and a lack thereof. Irish comic/actor Conor Drum has appeared on both the RTÉ and the BBC's New Comedy Awards and has performed around the world, from Barcelona to Los Angeles. Conor's been performing at…