Mike Bubbins: Retrosexual Male (2 stars)

This article is from 2017

Mike Bubbins: Retrosexual Male

Old-school act with a show that swiftly loses its appeal

Even after insisting that he's not a character comedian, it still takes a few minutes to convince yourself that Welshman Mike Bubbins is not doing all this for an elaborate bet. Dressed head to foot in double paisley, big collars and brown leather jacket, and sporting a killer 'tache, this Retrosexual Male is the real 70s deal. Somehow it's less than jawdropping news to discover that he's previously been an Elvis impersonator and he takes little persuading to belt out a tune from the King of Rock'n'Roll: unwisely though, he ropes in the small crowd to assist with some of the vocals and it all falls a little flat.

As amiable as Bubbins is, this feels less like a Fringe comedy event and more a club set that has ramped up the bar by perhaps a single notch. Once your eyes have got used to the dramatic sight they're beholding, your ears will be less than impressed with the material he has in store.

Whatever point he's making seems to get lost in a torrent of nostalgia about motor sport icons of the 70s while there simply must be a ban on the way soon for any act who says that unlike the pampered porn-lovers these days, old-school buffs got their product from a bush in the woods.

Assembly George Square Studios, until 27 Aug, 6.30pm, £9–£11 (£8–£10).

Mike Bubbins: Retrosexual Male

  • 2 stars

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