Taiwan Season: Ever Never (4 stars)

This article is from 2017

Taiwan Season: Ever Never

Exquisitely beautiful, dream-like show on the dislocations of air travel

Taiwan's Co-coism theatre company beguilingly captures that strange feeling of long-haul air travel – a sense of being removed and dislocated from time and place – in this often exquisitely beautiful show.

Ever Never begins ordinarily enough, with final calls for missing passengers and a jostle for seats on board. But it quickly shifts into something far more magical. Sliding elegantly from scene to scene, the show becomes a dream-like (sometimes fever dream-like) evocation of its five characters' memories, hopes, worries and preoccupations – from a family fleeing an earthquake to a chaotic music session, a touching wedding rehearsal to some comic in-flight safety training.

Director Chien-Han Hung has a firm grasp of nuance, drawing finely detailed performances from her five-strong cast, and Ever Never's intricate choreography is well-nigh faultless. English supertitles appear on a board above the stage, but never detract from the action – and, indeed, ensure we're properly up to speed on its many arch one-liners.

Ever Never is an impressionistic show, fleeting and fragile, and with scenes that sometimes seem to evaporate before we can firmly grasp them. But it's pulled off with such nimble gracefulness that it's entirely persuasive. This is a gem of a show, captivating and entrancing.

Summerhall, until 27 Aug (not 14, 21), 4.25pm, £12 (£10).

Taiwan Season: Ever Never

  • 4 stars

Co-coism Deeply affected by her father’s death, on her travels she found the aircraft cabin a mysterious space where the past could be intercepted and where fragments of forgotten memories were rekindled and brought to life. Following Co-coism’s guiding principle of cooperatively-devised theatre, Ever Never draws on the…