Francesco De Carlo: Comfort Zone (3 stars)

This article is from 2017

Francesco De Carlo: Comfort Zone

UK-based Italian comic tries not to take Brexit personally

As Francesco De Carlo points out at the top of his show, within a short amount of time of him arriving in Britain to follow his dream, the UK voted to leave the EU and shut down its borders. Was it something he said?

Though well-known in his native Italy for radio work, the stand-up scene there is conducted largely in restaurants 'where you have to compete for attention with an excellent carbonara', so he upped sticks to the UK. That scenario, plus working for a number of years in the European Parliament, gives him a great perspective from which to view the Brexit decision. His reaction is somewhat of disillusionment at our apparent desire to isolate ourselves, though in this room at a massive arts festival, he's probably preaching to the 48%.

Aside from the musings on Brexit, there are other, more familiar cultural difference observations as well as some playful and teasing silliness. That archetypal Italian arm gesture is explained as well as what it supposedly means in South Korea, while gorillas' sexual technique is explored and gay fruit flies feature. Comfort Zone is an antipasto (if you like) of entertaining comedy.

Underbelly George Square, until 28 Aug (not 14), 9.20pm, £9–£11 (£8–£10).

Francesco De Carlo: Comfort Zone

  • 3 stars

Mick Perrin Worldwide Artist Management The award-winning Italian comedian returns with a brand-new show about life outside your comfort zone: politics, people, and what you discover when you leave your sofa to become a foreigner. Toured with Comedy Sans Frontieres alongside Eddie Izzard and Dylan Moran. Supported Tommy…