Lucy Hopkins: Powerful Women Are About (2 stars)

This article is from 2017

Lucy Hopkins: Powerful Women Are About

credit: Susie Brady

Baffling clownish work that may or may not have been a satire on something or other

Legend has it (or at least it says so on her website) that modern-clowning impresario Philippe Gaulier told Lucy Hopkins that she looked like a sausage and was boring. This review won't contain anything quite so damning, but it has to be said that Powerful Women Are About resides rather unconvincingly in the Fringe comedy section.

Slowly and menacingly taking to her stage in the semi-dark after Donovan's 'Season of the Witch' has faded, the highly expressive Hopkins arrives clad in loose, seductive wise-woman garb, and making tiny vomiting noises. Her running 'gag' of bringing the house lights down between scenes through a clawing action almost acts as a catchphrase. There's lots of mystical talk of the battle between Logos and Mythos while a cosmic Theremin gets played now and again. If you're waiting for the punchlines to all this, join the club.

Still, we all get to hand round an invisible baby, and for no discernible reason, Hopkins concludes by guiding two of her (distinctly non-planted) followers through an onstage rendition of 'Man in the Mirror'. The fact that these helpers happened to be either word-perfect in the song or proficient in beatboxing utterly saved the day: the awkwardness on that stage would have been unbearable otherwise.

Heroes @ The Hive, until 27 Aug (not 9, 16), 5pm, £5 or Pay What You Want.

Lucy Hopkins: Powerful Women Are About

  • 2 stars

Lucy Hopkins / Heroes of Fringe A vibrational revolution of being, channeled by a goddess. Part electro-ritual, part theremin-experiment, part light-fantastic. Ultra-conscious comedy by award-winning, internationally-touring, terribly present clown. Come as you are. Leave transformed. 'Hopkins is fantastic' (Guardian).