Hot Brown Honey (4 stars)

This article is from 2017

Hot Brown Honey

credit: Danika Yakina

Riotously fun hip hop feminist party

Getting down to feminist discourse has never been as fun as it is with Hot Brown Honey. The gang return with last year's show (with one new cast member), and it's still every bit the party, sitting somewhere between a genre-pushing variety show and the Fringe's best club night. Seriously, where can we get hold of their tracklist?

MC'd by DJ Busty Beats, Hot Brown Honey mix dance, circus, physical performance and hip hop to take down the patriarchy one note at a time. A rallying call for both feminism and the rights of people of colour (Moana gets a nice shoutout), the show straddles the perfect line between devastating social critique and silly fun. Take one scene, for instance, when one performer is swathed and gagged in a Victorian dress, made from the Australian flag, and tries to break free. Contrast that with another, where Busty (by name and nature) pops a couple of large spheres down her top and runs around finding audience members willing to motorboat her.

But these more ludicrous moments never detract from the serious message that HBH are conveying: that women of colour have been ignored for too long, and that needs to stop now. That they do this through one of the liveliest nights out on the Fringe only makes this show even more irresistible, and one you'll be happy to see more than once.

Assembly Roxy, until 27 Aug (not 14, 21), 9pm, £15–£16 (£14–£15).

Hot Brown Honey

  • 4 stars

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