Baby Mama: One Woman's Quest to Give Her Child to Gay People (3 stars)

This article is from 2017

Baby Mama: One Woman's Quest to Give Her Child to Gay People

Solo show that sees motherhood from a new perspective

In a solo show about motherhood, you may expect stories that are celebratory, joyful or transformative. Mariah MacCarthy's Baby Mama is an amalgamation of all three but as the subtitle suggests, it's not your typical tale. Rather, it's a story about making an impossible but selfless decision, relinquishing your right to an experience that many consider universal in the process.

From ultrasounds to burlesque performances, MacCarthy provides an insight into her journey from pregnancy to adoption, with every intimate detail laid bare for the audience to digest. There's hilarity in her candid stories about participating in orgies and men with strange fetishes for pregnant woman but the show's real strength lies in her ability to delve deep into the remorse and raw emotion of having to let go.

Her openness and honesty is on the one hand refreshing, and on the other, unrelentingly brutal, as if getting the words out and reliving that period of her life is agonising but necessary. In the end, the quest is not to find the perfect gay couple for her son but to come to terms with the huge internal complexities she faces. With moving and thoughtful narration, Baby Mama offers an unconventional but optimistic perspective on motherhood.

Greenside @ Infirmary Street, until 12 Aug, 7.45pm, £10 (£7).

Baby Mama: One Woman's Quest to Give Her Child to Gay People

  • 3 stars

Mariah MacCarthy 'Funny, moving, and unapologetically candid' (Time Out New York). Baby Mama tracks one birth mother’s true adoption journey, from conception to placement with the gay couple of her dreams – while still living her life, dating, and attending the occasional orgy. From adoption agencies to vaginal discharge…