Brexit the Musical (3 stars)

This article is from 2017

Brexit: The Musical

A greatest hits tour of political gaffes

Brexit: The Musical wisely dispenses with the idea of a plot. After all, it's a story we know all too well. There's a vague thread regarding George Osborne's missing plan for Brexit being recovered but really this is a greatest hits tour of political gaffes from the past year.

Musically, the show takes cues from classic Broadway. The songs are safe crowd-pleasers delivered with complete professionalism while the choreography is slick and energetic.

Unsurprisingly, one man steals the show. Boris Johnson's larger-than-life oafishness isn't necessarily a natural fit for a musical comedy: how can an exaggerated character be caricatured? However, by channelling Rik Mayall, the alchemy of blending idiot and schemer is achieved.

The jokes throughout are predictable, with references to fields of wheat and so on shoehorned in wherever possible. The exception is the presentation of Samantha Cameron as some kind of machiavellian figure, manipulating a somewhat simple David, which seems to be writer Chris Bryant's attempt at adding his own entry to the canon of Brexit gags.

Brexit: The Musical is not blistering satire, and won't provide any fresh insight to most audiences. It is, however, a well-produced, slightly nonsensical romp through a tumultuous political year.

C, until 28 Aug (not 15), 6.55 pm, £13.50--£15.50 (£11.50–£13.50).

Brexit the Musical

  • 3 stars

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