Otto & Astrid: Eurosmash! (Die Roten Punkte) (3 stars)

This article is from 2017

Otto & Astrid: Eurosmash! (Die Roten Punkte)

Chaotic and innuendo-laden musical comedy romp

'Do You Speak Dance?' ask sibling duo Otto & Astrid, as they open their show with a gloriously camp Eurovision-inspired number. This year, they've decided to go in a new direction with the music, abandoning their art-rock roots in an attempt to attract a wider audience. But while Otto aspires to be like Bono and Chris Martin, Astrid is unimpressed with his commitment to their dream of stardom.

Eurosmash! is a thoroughly silly hour of slapstick musical comedy, with the Berlin-based twosome performing songs in their usual innuendo-laden style. The contrast between sassy big sis Astrid and starry-eyed Otto is the show's true focus, with their relentless bickering and musical disagreements generating plenty of entertaining moments. So, when the raw-food eating, social-justice champion Otto plays a song with the refrain, 'just make good choices', Astrid scoffs in the background, snacking on crisps and swigging on vodka as she makes her aversion to Otto's harmonica clearly known.

Despite their differences, the duo manage to find some common ground in time for the outrageously cheesy finale, which involves dozens of heart-shaped balloons attached to their costumes. Eurosmash! is purposely chaotic, but this gives way to the pair's competency as character comedians, simultaneously poking fun at pop music clichés.

Underbelly Cowgate, until 27 Aug (not 9, 15), 10.10pm, £10.50–£11.50 (£9.50–£10.50).

Otto & Astrid: Eurosmash! (Die Roten Punkte)

  • 3 stars

Show And Tell Berlin's premiere art rock duo, Otto and Astrid of Die Roten Punkte, perform unashamedly slick, Eurovision-inspired pop from their new album Eurosmash! amidst some inevitable sibling dysfunction and punk spirit anarchy. 'An enjoyably silly hour of good tunes' (Guardian). 'Pitch-perfect pop parody' ★★★…