Bronston Jones: God Bless 'Merica (3) (3 stars)

This article is from 2017

Bronston Jones: God Bless 'Merica (3)

Incisive if laid-back riffing on a country in crisis

This is the third of US comedian Bronston Jones' shows where he 'takes a look at the state of the nation', and boy has he got plenty to chew on this year. With Trump in charge, the main problem for most comedians is that you can't always top the ridiculousness of the man's actions: who knows what he might have done even in the duration of this hour-long show?

Jones is one of the shockingly small number of Americans with passports, but venturing away from his country gives him the perspective to stand back and ask 'what the hell'? But as it turns out, of course, the political scene looks just as crazy from here as it does over there. Indeed, in some areas of the show, he only needs to relate true stories from the White House (the circumstances of Anthony Scaramucci's recent sacking, for example) to get a raised eyebrow and a laugh. Elsewhere, there's more general fodder as he takes a swipe at the oversized portions and corn syrup-doused food culture which creates a literally massive obesity epidemic.

God Bless 'Merica (3) is a loose, relaxed hour with an audience-suggestion section guaranteeing some differences every day. Bronston Jones provides some enjoyable company with laid-back yet incisive observations.

Laughing Horse @ Espionage, until 27 Aug, 6.15pm, free.

Bronston Jones: God Bless 'Merica (3) – Free

  • 3 stars

Bronston Jones For the third year, American atheist Bronston Jones sees the state of his nation and mutters 'God Bless 'Merica… because it'll take a miracle to fix it.' Show changes with the news. Age category: 16+